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Assembled by M.I. Yamani, M.D. (All Care’s Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer), our team has been serving communities for more than a decade with proven results. Between our technology, evidence-based solutions and a passion to provide, we’re here to deliver the best in healthcare services and procedures.

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I have been going to All Care in Palm Harbour for about 5 years. The staff there has always been most helpful and understanding. They show by their actions that they care about their patients as human beings, not just another bank account to be milked. You too will find them very professional, kind, caring and courteous. Special shoutout to Shannon, Kassie, Mina and Dr. Nobert Engleman, thank you so much for all you do.

Camie V

I just love All care Medical because my doctor is so great, listens to my concerns and he really cares about his patient’s health. Also the staff is so supportive, helpful and always keeps a smile on their faces and in their minds.

Andrew Hendrix

Compared to other lifestyle centers this one was most successful and affordable

Marisa B.

No matter which office you visit, the staff and administration of All Care Medical is superb! Waiting time in the lobby is typically 5-10 minutes, they are very flexible in finding openings in case a visit is crucial, and try their best to work with every patient. I have been under the care of the doctors since June 2013 and they are they only physicians I have had over a 13 year period to be able to direct me to the proper specialists and provide treatment that no others have done for two sever

Steve N.

This for my primary care physician and I want to say that-He and his staff are the greatest team to work with. They are kind, gracious, courteous professionals and they have a sense of humour which always makes me feel better. I would recommend All Care medical centre to family members, friends, strangers or anyone looking to find a Primary Care physician. They are absolutely the greatest.

Jeff Belcher

I was so sick and I called today after a holiday weekend hoping they could fit me in. The front desk was so nice and fit me in at 9 am. The doctor saw me and was thorough with the exam. Answered all my questions. Assured me I'd be okay. When I left to check out, the woman was so sweet. Gave me my paperwork and made my next appointment. From start to finish, everything was so comforting. I am so happy to be at such a caring facility.

Ali st. John

Mustapha S. Benjouall APRN is a doctor who listens to me and cares about my health. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Wait time is never long. The staff at the Largo office is friendly and helpful. I Appreciate that they have taken the extra time to assist with prescription challenges that have arisen from my conversion to Medicare.

Melissa Thue’s Husband

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