4 Steps to Avoid a Zombie Apocalypse

June 11, 2016

Do you own a television? Have you seen a zombie movie? Have you seen a zombie in real life?! If you said yes to all of these questions then we need to talk…

Do you ever feel like life is dragging on and you are caught up doing the same thing over and over again? There are many movies from the big screen about the post-apocalyptic world. You will see during these movies, society is at its lowest and the world has gone to ruins. Though we may not have grey skies and the world may not be a complete dissolute wasteland, there are in fact zombies walking the Earth. You may ask, how is this possible? You may be thinking, “Oh great another story about that new drug down in Miami…” (I can assure you it has nothing to do with the insane drug, yet zombies are walking among us everyday day)

Are you living? That is the question! We are breathing, but are we living? Every day many people get into the “zombie slump.” We wake up, go to work, go home, go to bed… rinse and repeat. If you have become a victim of this epidemic there is still hope to get out of it and start living the life you have always dreamed of. You may have had goals that felt unobtainable. You may have changed your goals so that it would be less difficult to achieve or forgot your goals altogether. If you want to achieve the joy of reaching your goals and getting out of the “zombie slump” the answer is here. Keep calm and reach your goals with our zombie survival guide.

Have a Plan

Whether your “point B” is to get in better shape or to make more money (or do a back flip off of Mount Rushmore) you need to setup a pathway to get there. Goal setting is one of the most important steps to achieving that goal. (Lets face it, if you don’t have a goal then how can you achieve it?) So for instance, if you would like to lose 50 lbs. Pull out your success map and where the X is put “I have lost 50 lbs.” Then through the path way you are going to write down 10 actions that will help you get to goal. (Example – I eat at least one vegetable at every meal. Also note that I write down my actions and goals as if I have already achieved them.) I will explain why this is important and how it can help you reach your goals much faster once you have made 10 actions you must start putting the actions in place.

Don’t Stay In One Place for Too Long

Just like in the movie “I am Legend” (great movie by the way) Will Smith had his place set up for success with no worries of zombies getting to him but guess what? That’s right, after being there for a while the zombies finally showed up. When you stay in one place too long you get bored, you ambition starts to diminish. Make sure you are constantly taking actions to move forward, toward that plan of yours. Staying in one place not taking action is an action in itself. Everyday write down your goals in the morning so that you remember your purpose.

Exercise Daily

Daily exercise is a no brainer when your goal is to keep away from zombies. Well this goes for goals outside of fitness as well. If your goal is to take a cruise every 6 months with your family without a financial burden you need to be making sure you are doing the right exercises to make sure you money is right. I once heard “if you can put one hour into educating yourself every day you will be the best in your industry.” Whether its exercising physically or the other areas in your life, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and financial, with just one hour a day you can be standing in front of your dreams quicker than you can say “you’re never gonna catch me.”

If You See a Zombie, Run!

You remember the guy in the movie who is like, “let’s go back I forgot my sandwich” he is already a zombie waiting to happen. This happens in real life and there is a good chance that person is someone close to you. When you see a zombie run, even if it is your close friend. If you find yourself hanging with the zombies, you know what happens next. Other around you can put their limits on you. They tell you how hard it was for them to lose weight or eat right or make money. They tell you don’t work too hard because you’ll just waste your life and never get where you want to be. Create your own boundaries. Don’t be defined by someone else’s limits. There are more zombies that did not run fast enough. Keep yourself around positive like-minded people because you are the 5 people you spend the most time with. Remember that rule and if one of your “fad 5” becomes a zombie, run!

So no matter your age or your aspirations there is a plan that is right for you to achieve that true joy in your life. I coach people to higher energy, lower stress and more positive lives. It has been a joy for me to see these people have the moment of clarity to make the changes to see the life they have always wanted. We can be our biggest road block. We can be our own personal zombie. Use these tips you read and start putting them in to action today and start heading toward better life of living!