March 04, 2021

The body is smart. It has several sophisticated systems; immunity, gut bacteria and DNA - all of which it uses to defend its health. You can turbo-charge these defense systems by making the right food choices.

CANCER FIGHTING FOODS: Cancer cells are produced in the body on a regular basis. They are simply the byproduct of cell division. Fortunately, the body has a natural defense mechanism that typically stops these cancers from ever becoming a problem. It’s called angiogenesis. It is a mechanism of new blood vessel formation. When the pattern is irregular, new blood vessels can supply nutrients to cancer cells (along with healthy cells), allowing them to grow. But when the body gets the right types of foods, angiogenesis stops this from happening by controlling where and when the blood vessels grow - thus stopping tumors from becoming dangerous.

Soybeans have a powerful influence on angiogenesis. Soy foods contain genistein, a potent cancer fighting substance that suppresses angiogenesis in cancer cells. It can also prevent other types of cancer cells from forming in the body. We need at least 10gm of soy protein daily to take advantage of its cancer preventing benefits. Foods like tofu, soy milk, edamame, miso and soy sauce are some good examples.

Broccoli contains Brassinin and sulforaphanes, substances which also aid in angiogenesis. Broccoli consumption is associated with a 33 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer, a 59 percent lower risk of prostate cancer, and a 28 percent lower risk of melanoma. As little as one or two cups of broccoli each week can have amazing benefit.

ANTI-AGING FOOD: Stem cells are crucial for our good health. Out of 37 trillion cells in the body, only 0.002 percent can be classified as stem cells. Despite this relatively small number, if these cells were to stop functioning suddenly, we wouldn’t survive longer than a week. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate, replacing and repairing dead cells almost everywhere in the body. Stem cells regenerate lungs cells every eight days, skin cells every few weeks and cells in the small intestine almost every other day. They can even repair our cardiovascular health by regenerating and repairing damage caused to blood vessels during a heart attack.

Cocoa powder containing flavanols have been found to influence stem cell circulation. All berries are rich in flavonoids. Broccoli, ginger root, nuts & seeds, mushrooms and sea foods all help stem cell regeneration.

MICROBIOMES CONTAINING FOOD: Three pounds of your body weight is composed of bacteria. Gut bacteria bacillus mycoides produce chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine. Another one is bifidobacteria, which lowers anxiety and stress. Metabolites helps prevent diabetes. Drinking Pomegranate juice and eating cranberries encourages the growth of Akkermansia muciniphillla, which helps the immune system, fights obesity and lowers inflammation in the gut. Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is full of lactobacillus that stimulates stem cells in the intestine and reduces gut inflammation. Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan) cheese contains lactobacillus rhamnosus, a bacterium known to protect against cancer, gut inflammation and post-natal depression.

IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCING FOOD: certain foods turbo charge your immune system. White button mushrooms increase antibodies against infections and allergies. Olive oil contains immune enhancing substances such as oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol.

DNA PROTECTING FOOD: DNA is being damaged continuously throughout our life. Cells are able to detect that damage and replace it with corrected sequences. DNA minimizes damage by using special caps telomeres. Berries and nuts protect DNA’s telomeres ends.