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High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the most prevalent health conditions that Americans face. 1 in every 3 U.S. adults – has high blood pressure, and nearly 20 percent do not know they have it.

What is Blood Pressure?

The heartbeats and pushes the blood through the arteries to circulate it throughout the body. As the blood flows, it puts pressure on your artery walls. The force of blood as it flows through the arteries in your body is known as Blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure

How is high Blood Pressure

While there are no specific symptoms, you can get yourself diagnosed through regular checkups at your health care provider.

  • Normal blood pressure is less than 120 on top and less than 80 on the bottom.
  • Prehypertension levels are 120-139 on top and 80-89 on the bottom.
  • High blood pressure, stage 1 is 140-159 on top and 90-99 on the bottom.
  • High blood pressure, stage 2 is 160 or higher on top and 100 and over on the bottom.

Blood pressure readings above 180 /120 are dangerously high and require immediate medical attention.

There are 2 types of high blood pressure.

Primary hypertension

Also known as essential hypertension, it is the most common type of hypertension. High Blood Pressure is a result of your lifestyle, environment, and how your body changes as you age and it may take some years to get diagnosed.

Secondary hypertension

When some medicine or any problem is causing you high blood pressure, it is known as secondary hypertension. Things that can cause secondary hypertension include:

  • Kidney problems.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Thyroid or adrenal gland problems.
  • Some medicines.

Symptoms Of
High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often referred to as the silent killer because it seldom causes symptoms, even while the conditions is damaging the body. While there is a common misconception that people with high blood pressure experience symptoms such as nervousness, sweating, difficulty sleeping and facial flushing, the condition remains largely symptomless.

Complications Of
High Blood Pressure

If left untreated, high blood pressure can cause a variety of problems including :

  • Trouble with memory and understanding
  • Weakened and narrowed blood vessels

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure can be due to various reasons like: Adrenal gland tumors Alcohol abuse Blood vessel defects Illegal drug use Kidney problems Medications, including birth control pills, etc. Obstructive sleep apnea

High Blood Pressure Care in Clearwater, Seminole and Palm Harbor

High Blood Pressure is not just about taking medicine and getting a treatment, it also requires some lifestyle changes which will help you keep a check on your blood pressure. While our primary Care professionals offer you the best medical diagnosis and treatment, our wellness experts will guide you through the journey with some transformative habits to keep healthy and safe.

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